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Do you fear talking with people about your real estate business? Whether they are sellers, buyers, title companies, attorneys, realtor or even other wholesalers?

Don't know what to say?

Don't think you have any value to offer others. Or that you don't know enough yet. You're not ready?

I recently surveyed all of my customers, students and valued email subscribers to see how I can best serve you and what things you need the most help with.

One of the resounding responses was needing help talking with people. More importantly with connecting with people. This is a big thing when we are talking about lead generation.

Let's face it one of the biggest areas that's likely haunting you is your ability to effectively talk with sellers, buyers, attorneys, title companies, realtors and maybe even other wholesalers...

You're gonna love this especially if you've ever felt:

- Like you're just not ready yet
- Like you don't have enough value to bring to the table
- Or that everyone else besides you knows the hidden secret but for you it just seems a bit elusive.
- If you struggle with call reluctance or how to find motivated sellers now - this will also be a powerful training for you.

Even if talking with people isn't a fear of yours. There's always the ability to get more effective at this skill and thus get better results.

So today I wanna help you get a handle on this.

In today's video which is part 1 of my new free part 4 part training series you are going to learn exactly tow to overcome the fear of talking with people in real estate. Plus how to have more effective conversations in your real estate investing and wholesaling houses business. You're also going to how to talk with motivated sellers over the phone and sound like a pro.


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Stayed tuned to (Part 2 of 4) where you're gonna learn how to finally generate better and more consistent leads in your business.

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Steven Howell

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